Wonderwall by Oasis- Another Stumming aproach lesson

21 Jan

Wonder Wall Song Tutorial Video

20 Jan

Free Guitar lesson Video

27 Dec

Very handy Video lesson

Guitar Lessons Online Free

21 Dec

This site have a very nice amount of resources for guitar learning people.


Good Music Tabs Source (But…)

20 Dec


This site has a lot of Chords and options, but everything push you to be a premium user.

The Work Around: Find the Song you like and for print it you need to make a little stuff but it works

1.Go to Page Source

2.Copy the Song Tabs (is going to easy to find)

3.Pass it to any HTML Editor

4.Paste the design view to any notepad or text editor.



Interesting article (Guitar Songwriting Basics)

20 Dec

Trying to learn Guitar progressions drives me to this article, that haven’t been read relax but have included a couple of progressions and the Music Link to hear it.

It’s helpful to practice and been able to memorize them having fun.



Free Guitar Learning Ebooks

14 Dec