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FTP Commands

5 Nov

Good usable commands to FTP



FTP Automation Script with windows FTP client

21 Oct

These day come a request that ask to 200 location machines be able to send a confirmation of

1. The backup runs, and if finish with succesful state or failure.

2.A update of a program.

During the last year some request was very similar to that one but the difference was that everything its on my own Network, With this request all the locations have their own internet connection with up to 3 providers.

That time I resolve the problem with a good tool that’s open source and make a great work WinSCP 4.1.6 that tool works perfect with a .bat file that call a very simple script and runs automatic every 30 minutes on tuesday.

But this time with computer running Windows XP Service pack 3 its give me an error that after 5 hours I leave a post in the WinScp Forum and just try to do it with other tool.

The selected tool was the native FTP Command Client that comes with windows, that works very nice.

I give you a reference:


Finally the command used was this for any of those that have my same requirements

1.Create a .bat file to be able to run it from schedule tasks  code: ftp -s:c:\transfer.txt

2.Create a Textfile transfer.txt and write this code

open ftpserver
prompt off
cd –change to the remote file you want to upload the files
lcd –change to the local file where yours files are located
mput *

That’s going to send all the files located in the local directory that you specified to the remote computer folder you specified.

If you like to make some automatic process use the Schedule task and ask to run the .bat file, you have there a couple of schedule options that can resolve that specific situation.

I hope this save a little of time to other that have similar need