12 Feb


The SQL JOIN clause is used whenever we have to select data from 2 or more tables.  To be able to use SQL JOIN clause to extract data from 2 (or more) tables, we need a relationship between certain columns in these tables.

My Example:

SELECT  proddta.f0911.GLKCO, proddta.f0911.GLDOC, proddta.f0911.GLDGJ, proddta.f0911.GLJELN, proddta.f0911.GLANI, proddta.f0911.GLAM, proddta.f0911.GLOBJ, proddta.f0911.GLSUB,
proddta.f0911.GLPN, proddta.f0911.GLFY, CONVERT(DECIMAL(10, 2), proddta.f0911.GLAA / 100) AS AMOUNT, proddta.f0911.GLEXA, proddta.f0911.GLEXR, proddta.f0911.GLUSER,
proddta.f0911.GLAID, proddta.f0901.GMAID, proddta.f0901.GMDL01
FROM proddta.f0911, proddta.f0901
WHERE proddta.f0911.GLAID = proddta.f0901.GMAID

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