WCF Restful Example with Visual Web Developer 2008 Express – Experience

15 Oct

The last couple days I been working in develop a RESTful ADO.NET Data Service, when this be finish I would like to comment how was my experience. The restful idea came from a person with who I’m making a project integration.

First we develop all the integration with Soap Web Services developed in Visual Web Developer 2005, and when we have all project requirements the coworker give me this new for me but old for the web industry about RESTful. After 3 hours research I get convinced that it was huge the advance v’s Soap and decide to follow a tutorial that let me know if this can be achieved for our project.

Visual Web Developer 2008 SP1
Connection to Database – in my case SQL Server 2005 (Hosted provided database)









During this last week I been working with a test Restful architecture using Visual Web Developer 2008 SP1
I want to follow a nice video tutorial that is located in asp.net


After a huge time with a misunderstanding with this video tutorial and a help of a forum user.

Forum Post:

The Ado.net Data Service works, I think finally the problems are over

There begin the process of trying to deploy in the Hosting environment and there I create a post in the forum that describe the journey.

Its very impressive the flexibility that RESTful provide to integrate systems in this case Flex with SQL Server Database by RESTful Ado.net Data web Service.

I hope this post can save a little of time to others.

I expect to continue writing of this, because I see a lot of system integration power that where most of my Knowledge is based.

Very Good Slide Show-



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